Sunday, January 19, 2014

St. Ives

I went on my first day trip to St. Ives in Cornwall this past Saturday. It's a beautiful town along the coast, so I got to see some lovely seaside views. We took a bus from campus, the rip took about two hours, so not short but also not too bad. I ended up exploring the town with Maddy, from W&M, and Beth, from Canada. We wandered down towards the water, while the weather was still at least somewhat dry, and got some cool pictures of the coast. Then we headed back towards the town to get some food. We originally stopped at the Sloop Inn, but ultimately decided we'd rather eat somewhere else. We decided to stop at a place called the Balancing Eel, because they had fish and chips for Maddy and I, but also battered sausage for Beth (who isn't really into fish). The food was great, greasy in the way that fish and chips should be. Then we decided to look around the town a bit more, ducking into a few shops to escape the rain, and eventually gravitating towards Madeleine's for some tea. The tea sets were beautiful and the atmosphere was very relaxing. On the way back I tried a piece of clotted cream fudge, which was surprising good (clearly clotted cream is a big deal here, since they even make fudge out of it). We didn't end up stopping into any of the museums in the area, but it was still a great trip.

On a mostly unrelated note, I am loving the way that everyone around here seems to paint their front doors bright colors. I think it's mostly to make up for the fact that all of the houses seem to be connected to each other, look sort of the same, and of course, it's overcast quite frequently. In St. Ives, Beth and I were most impressed by this set of neighbors whose doors neither match nor clash.

Today we went out for lunch at the Old Firehouse, which is supposedly the pub which inspired J.K Rowling to create the Leaky Cauldron. I can definitely see it, it has that sort of ramshackle run-down look that I picture when I think of the Leaky Cauldron. Anyway, the food was really good. I had beef, potatoes, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding (which is not actually pudding as I am used to it, but more of a puffed up pastry), and fudge cake for desert. Thus far, my experience with food here has been pretty great, so I'm not getting why people say no one comes here for the food. I guess we'll see if that perspective sticks.

Most excitingly, today in Exeter we had completely clear blue skies and not the slightest hint of rain. I'm doubting that this will be a frequent occurrence over the next five months, but a girl can dream can't she?

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