Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Ready

This week was the final week of lectures, although I still have one essay and three exams to look forward to in May. I also registered for classes back at William & Mary this past Tuesday. It was amazingly simple, one of the benefits of finally getting a senior's timeslot. I got all of the classes I wanted, although I unfortunately could not avoid having early morning classes.

On Wednesday Take Note had a party/election for next year's executive positions. I enjoyed having a more social practice and got to know the people in the group much better, plus I had a lunch that basically consisted solely of junk food (healthy I know).

Friday, I met up with everyone from William & Mary at Ruby's (an "American" burger place in town). The burger was pretty good (it had avocado on it, which makes everything better), and it was great hearing about everyone else's spring break plans. I was still kind of jealous hearing about all the amazing places people are going, despite the fact that I am very excited about my own plans.

Speaking of said plans, I honestly can't believe that my trip to Italy came up so quickly. I leave Exeter by bus at 4:45 tomorrow morning, which is far too early in my opinion. But hopefully it will give us some extra time in Rome in the evening after we arrive, although it is likely that the time will be used to figure out where we're going and how best to avoid getting lost. We'll be spending three days in Rome, two in Florence, and another two days in Venice before returning home. I probably will not be posting anything to my blog until I get back, I won't be packing a laptop (or really anything that isn't absolutely essential). I will however attempt to check in on facebook every now and then.

I'll only be back in Exeter for about three days before heading to London to meet my Dad, Claudia, Michael, and Abby for their visit. I don't really know what we'll be doing, but I'm sure it'll be fun. They leave on the 19th and on the 20th I'll be back in London to meet up with a tour group. I booked onto a Trafalgar tour of Europe that will be going to Amsterdam, Heidelberg (Germany), Lucerne (Switzerland), and Paris. I'm definitely looking forward to a trip that requires no planning on my part, and I actually recieved a very well-organized package in the mail this morning with my itinerary and other useful information.

But for the moment I'm focusing on Italy: making a list of places I want to visit in each city, brushing up on some basic Italian phrases (which I will inevitably butcher a bit, but it's the thought that counts), and watching movies to get pumped (my favorite: Roman Holiday)

Augurami buona fortuna!

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