Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let's Take A Quiz

So I just experienced my second Quiz Night in the UK, and I have to say I am finding them to be lots of fun (although I know basically no useful trivia from the UK, which can be irritating). I will admit that I may have decided to write a post specifically about this quiz night primarily in order to use the above video (I mean, who doesn't love Phineas and Ferb?).

Anyway, this particular quiz night was held at the Chaplaincy and, like all enjoyable social events, involved a wonderful selection of food. One of our team members suggested that, in honor of Maddy and I, our team be called the Virginians. This was quite flattering, until he noted that this meant that, while we would be credited with good luck if we won, the reverse would be true if we lost. No pressure right?

Among the useful (not) trivia learned was: I know nothing about UK history, I know nothing about UK television shows or music, I am not capable of subtlety (as Alex may recall from my inability to keep secrets from her), and the Pittsburgh is the city that has the second most Catholic artifacts, after Vatican City. I will admit that really only that last one is a surprise, in fact, when it was listed as an option I responded (jokingly) with, "Pittsburgh, it's definitely Pittsburgh," which I think scared everyone away from guessing the answer. So basically, go me?

Regardless of my meager contributions to our correct answers (the only topics on which I was any use were musicals, Shakespeare, and, of course, distracting the other teams with my highly unsubtle enthusiasm), we did end up winning (by one point, but I say it counts). Conveniently, considering that tomorrow (or today here, at least nearly) is Valentine's Day, the prize was a box of chocolates which our team agreed that Maddy and I should split.

Since I have enjoyed Quiz Nights so much, at least the two I've had, maybe I should brave a Karaoke Night at one of the pubs nearby next.


  1. Wonderful post!! And you definitely have to try suggestion sing a little Springsteen or Bon Jovi in England, that should make them smile!! (it would me)