Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trivia: Let's Take (Another) Quiz

So I'm sure by now everyone has noticed the upswing in fun quizzes, usually from Buzzfeed, being shared on Facebook. I've certainly posted my fair share of quizzes, and taken quite a few more than that. Who doesn't want to know which Disney princess they would be or what career is perfect for them?

Frequently you get results that don't make any sense to you, like when the What European Country Should You Live In quiz told me I should live in Romania. Yeah, no. I don't think so.

Sometimes you take a quiz and you get a result which you love, even if you are completely perplexed by how the random questions could have possibly created that result.

And sometimes you get a result that totally makes sense to you, but still isn't the one you wanted.

Sadly no Lizzie Bennet for me :(

And then of course, there are the times where you go through the quiz consciously thinking about which responses are most likely to lead to the result you want, or when you give up completely and just retake the quiz with new answers until you get the right result. Or when you answer questions on a quiz and you wonder whether you're being completely honest, or if you're just picking the things that you wish were true about you.

Regardless, it's always fun to take a quiz just to see what will happen, especially if you can compare your results with someone else's. In preparation for this weekend's trip to Dublin I found the perfect quiz for the occasion: How Irish Are You?

The problem with this result of course, is that not a word of it is true. I had to look up what "What's the craic?" means (for your information, it's basically slang for "what's up?"). And I definitely don't know the words to the Irish National Anthem or The Rattlin' Bog. I do think that a Tayto sandwich (or a potato chip sandwich) sounds interesting, so maybe that's Irish enough.

I'll be leaving for Dublin this Thursday evening, and I won't be back until about midnight on Sunday, but I'll post about my Ireland adventures when I get back.

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  1. So..."craic" is the Irish word for fun/enjoyment, usually in connection with alcohol and/or music. "It was good craic" means you had a great/fun time. You'll see/hear this word a lot in Dublin and when we visit Ireland later. Hopefully you'll have some "good craic" in Dublin this weekend--but no alcohol, please :)