Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Social Scene

Top: Olivia (Liv), Laura, Simon, and Me; Bottom: Alex, Lina, Lucy, Welmoed, Jen, Sophia (Soph), Julia, and Chelsea

Aside from a very enjoyable quiz night, my week was pretty uneventful...up until Valentine's Day of course. Luckily I didn't have to drag myself to campus on Friday, so I got to sleep in (always a plus). I broke out the single piece of pink clothing I brought with me (most of my wardrobe here is actually black, because it's easy to throw together an outfit, and a few jewel tones and patterns thrown in), that wasn't a workout top or my sneakers. I didn't originally have any particular plans, but I ultimately ended up going up to Flat 16 (for future reference, this is where Liv, Laura, and Simon live, and where Lina frequently commandeers the couch) for a Valentine's Day party. There was, unsurprisingly, a great deal of chocolate and junk food (chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, donuts, meringues with whipped cream and strawberries, etc). Suffice to say, I ate far more than could be considered healthy, and also...yum.

There was also a good deal of singing (shouting) along with sappy songs, the clear crowd favorite was Someone Like You, the performance (a generous term) of which can be viewed (unfortunately) on Facebook. Regardless, we had plenty of fun. On a side note, I was personally quite impressed with how festive the flat was; there were balloons, heart shaped confetti, and of course the Wall of Shame created during the week when Simon was feeling crafty (luckily I have yet to do anything which might result in my presence on the Wall, but we'll see how long that lasts).

Around eleven we headed over to Arena, the club with which my room shares a wall. While I had certainly heard my fair share of their musical selections, I had yet to actually go inside. I have to admit, going to a club with a group of other people can be a lot of fun, even if the selection of single males present in a club on Valentine's Day does edge on the side of creepy, and got blatantly hit on by at least one cute, but very drunk, guy.

Saturday was pretty normal, wandering around High Street and doing a bit of shopping (not the fun kind unfortunately, just groceries and such). But today was quite fun. The first order of the day was a flat breakfast, to which I contributed Chamomile tea and a Rhubarb pie (don't judge, pie can be breakfast food).

It's always nice to hang out with my flatmates and get to know them better, especially since I'll still be living with them for another four months or so. Then I had to run off to the Catholic Chaplaincy, the half hour walk was actually really great today, as it was sunny and fairly warm. We had a very interesting lunch afterwards, the description of which I will leave to Maddy over on her blog: Suffice to say it involves what basically amounts to meatballs typically made out of pork liver and heart, yuck. I have to say that I agree with her, I might have been less enthusiastic had I known exactly what I was eating (it reminds me of the time that my dad only told what venison was after I'd eaten it...poor Bambi).

This evening I went out with, basically, everyone from the Valentine's party again. We originally planned to eat at the Firehouse, because their pizza is supposed to be absolutely wonderful, but we ultimately ended up at Hubbox (the burger place I ate at with Liv on our first night here, when we were too lazy to go do any sort of shopping) and I can't say that I regret it. All in all, I had a pretty busy weekend...and I wish tomorrow wasn't Monday.


  1. Hey Katie! I nominated you for a liebster!

    1. I finally responded to your nomination, sorry it took me so long, and thanks!